Been working hard on my school work, and am coming up for air. Just got this flyer for the Texas Writers Academy and wanted to share it with you–I went last year for the first time and loved it! A full week on instruction, very intensive, and who doesn’t love TEXAS?

Click to enlarge the flyer, or visit this site.


  1. Linda G

    We are planning a Heavenly Daze Reunion at Barb’s in Texas in June.
    Can you come?

  2. Angela

    I saw that, Linda, and I don’t think I can come because the date falls right between two other conferences I already have on the calendar. I do need a little “at home” time between major gigs to keep my head on straight. :-/

  3. Accidental Poet

    As much as I would like to follow you around the world taking classes from you, my suspicion is that this book will get finished when I stay home to write it …

  4. Leslie

    Yeah… I like Texas 🙂


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