In case you don’t know, November is the national novel-writing month–in which thousands of people attempt to write the first draft of a 50,000 word novel.

This young man has put together a hilarious video about the event. Enjoy, and to all of you who are jonning in NaNoWrMo–write on!



  1. Kathy C.

    very creative. i wonder what his writing is like?

  2. darien

    I saw this on someone else’s blog and laughed at it…but then I couldn’t get the song out of my brain, and it haunted me for two days and nights straight. I could have done without that!!

    sigh, and now i’m apparently singing it again. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

  3. David Roth

    Brilliant! And I thought seeing Kim Renas do the real one when I was at Liberty was a hoot!


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