I’ve always wanted a parrot . . . but since my community has a two-pet limit, I’m out of luck. But I enjoy watching other people’s trained birds, and this one is amazing! Enjoy!



  1. Barbara

    I’ve always wanted a parrot too. This one looks wonderful! Where we live we can have a many pets as we want, just no pigs. Hmmmm!

  2. Kay Day

    That was fun. Especially when it started talking back. I couldn’t tell if it was complaining or being enthusiastic.

    On FB I have a picture of me with my sister’s bird. She has a Cockatoo and a Cockatiel. I forget which is which, but I am holding the big white one. Her name is Coco and she loves me. She can talk a little bit but I don’t think she does tricks.

  3. Karen B.

    TOO fun! We had a parrot once. Her name was Dagmar. She LOVED me. Don…not so much. She’d perch on his shoulder long enough to leave a deposit or peck at his glasses, the she’d fly over to nestle on my shoulder. PRobably a good thing we had to give her away when I found out bird dander was death for someone with asthma. Otherwise I think Don may have eventually dressed her…for Thanksgiving dinner.

  4. Anonymous

    Loved Karen’s comment! Never had a pet bird but have seen many; however, I’ve never seen one do the tricks this one does. Terrific! Clyde


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