Yes, I’m still painting. Today I want to tackle the laundry room, because the top half of the wallpaper is a little bumpy and the seams are visible in some places (of course because I installed it.) So I’m ripping down the top half and I’m going to paint it in some bright, happy color–because that’s what you need in a laundry room. 🙂 (And fortunately, I have a garage filled with paints in all kinds of colors.)

Here’s a “before” pic. I’ll post an “after” , well, after. 🙂


  1. Mocha with Linda

    Before picture at 8:32. After picture to come at 10 am!

    Can’t wait to see how you transform it!

  2. chanteusevca

    Cannot believe I typed all those typos on a celebrated author’s blog comment page! Yikes! I was in a hurry. So sorry. Corrections:

    Excited to see the after photos. I’ve been painting too — secretly. If my husband finds I’ve painted most of the front door turquoise w/o cleaning it, priming it, taking it down first, etc. I may be toast! Gratification has been too long delayed for me. I’m taking paint brush/roller in hand! We plan to get a new door anyway, so why will he care?

  3. Suzanne

    Can’t wait to see the results of your latest project. I’ve got to get me some of the energy that you have. My son would tell me to go get a Monster drink.


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