Well . . . it was fun. Not terribly productive, unless you count the various thrift stores that will receive our left overs. Since I didn’t have much stuff, I cleaned out a cupboard of VHS tapes–some of them as old as my kids–and sold them 2 for $1.00. Actually sold TWO books (thought I’d try an experiment–offer new books, autographed by the author) and some country decor that was left over from my old house (just too cute to part with before this, you know).

During that first hour–from 8 am. until 9 a.m.–the street scene reminded me of Halloween, when all the trick or treaters rush from house to house with their bags. But this time, the trick or treaters were all silver-haired, bundled up, and from Michigan. (The snowbirds are here in full force).

Around noon I cleaned up and pruned a crape myrtle, painted some porch furniture, potted some bulbs, and prayed for sunshine. And actually had my prayers answered for an hour or two.
And now (it’s Saturday night), I think I’m heading to bed. A very busy day. 🙂
P.S. This week I’ll be teaching at the Florida Christian Writers’ Conference with my good pal and teaching buddy Nancy Rue. Yes, “Nangie” strikes again! We’re looking forward to it.


  1. Mocha with Linda

    Just another Saturday at the home of Bionic Angie Hunt. . .! LOL

    Have fun with Nancy! Those writers have no idea how much they’re about to be blessed!

  2. Anonymous

    My thoughts exactly, Linda.

    Mary Kay


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