. . . I’m up north, interviewing the folks who will be the subjects of my latest collaborative book. My publisher asked me to set THE GRANDMA GENE aside for a few weeks in order to help someone else write their story–and it’s fascinating. So the WIP is going to percolate for a few more weeks while I shiver a little bit, and then come home to write up this story. Shortly after Christmas, however, I’ll be putting my nose back to the grindstone to get THE GRANDMA GENE shaped up and out the door.

I’d appreciate your prayers for safe and healthy travel. Since this is flu season, I tend to be a little paranoid on airplanes . . . germs! But I carry a bottle of Purell and trust the Lord to keep me functional. 🙂
P.S. Have you heard about fictionfinder.com? It’s pretty cool–you can go there and look up your favorite authors to see about any books you might have missed!

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  1. Caitriona aka Catherine

    Welcome to the North…if you are in southern New England we are having unseasonably mild weather. Most of the leaves on the trees of your picture are now on the ground or raked up and in a bag.
    Blessings upon your trip.


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