Before I had mastiffs, I had a pug. I’ve had a couple of pugs, actually, and they really are a sort of mini-mastiff. Same dark mask, same loyal personality, same tendency to snore, same fierce defense of territory. Actually, I’d have to say that most pugs are more defensive than most mastiffs–mine always seemed like little Napoleons, while my mastiffs are more like slumbering bearskins. 🙂

However–the pugs do have that cute little head tilt which makes them seem almost human. That quizzical look, as demonstrated above.

Wallis Simpson, aka “The Duchess” had a penchant for pugs–I think she and the Duke had four or five. They really are collectable. 🙂



  1. Deborah

    Pugs are the best dogs ever!!! (This is another pug owner her) Adooooreable video. Gosh if i had 4 pugs, I’d just be squeeeeing all the time

  2. Kei

    I too had a pair of pugs. They are the most comical, adorable little clowns.

    I have since also moved on to mastiffs. I have a Neapolitan Mastiff that I just adore. I can’t imagine life without one. I still sometimes think of giving him a little pug friend!

  3. Angela

    Kei–see the new photo I just uploaded! This was during the transition period. 🙂 That’s Justus (of Regis and Kelly fame) with Ike.


  4. CFHusband

    in fact, another name for the pug is “Dutch Mastiff”. Look it up.


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