First week? Three pounds gone.

At first I didn’t think the plan was working–I was sticking to it, my only lapse two nights of bubble gum balls (had to clean out my stash), but now I see that it is.
And I came up with something “brilliant,” or so says my Jenny Craig Counselor. I took one look at my crammed closet–crammed because it contains FIVE sizes of everything from jackets to dresses to skirts to pants–and decided that from now on, I will only keep TWO sizes in my closet. So I put all the too-small things in plastic bins and took them upstairs for storage. So right now everything I have in my closet is Large, but as I lose weight, I’ll get rid of those and bring down the smaller sizes. It’ll be like Christmas! So I have new clothes to look forward to, and I won’t have to spend a penny.
Plus, we all know (well, many of us do) how discouraging it is to look into a closet full of clothes you can’t wear. It’s a bummer. So that situation has been handled –and I have more closet space, too. 🙂
Have a great day!


  1. k-stin

    Sounds like you are doing good! I’ve been working on losing weight this summer, too. Can’t wait to “bring out the smaller size”!

  2. Anonymous

    Been wondering how you and Jenny Craig have been getting along. Good job. Great idea about the closet too. If I weren’t on a contest deadline, I’d do the same. Praying for you , sister. Keep up the good work.
    Mary Kay

  3. Laura in Texas

    Angie — That’s a great idea. I did something similar. I have several sizes of clothes (from 4 through 14). Everything under 12 has been boxed up for several years. I’m fortunate to have a HUGE closet, so when I started losing weight I put everything that fit me on one wall and all the too-small stuff on another. As I’ve lost weight (35 pounds and counting), I periodically “shop” on the too-small wall. It’s such a thrill to move things over from that wall to the “fits” wall (and to remove stuff that once fit but now is too big!!). Hang in there, Angie!

  4. lv2scpbk

    Hmmmm. I don’t think I’d be sticking to the weight loss plan if I was looking at that photo all the time.


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