Don’t know if you saw this . . . . you might have, because it’s gone viral. I saw a snippet on Good Morning America last week, and Ruthie sent me a link to the full video. Enjoy!

Now . . . I wonder what they did for the RECEPTION? 🙂



  1. Mocha with Linda

    Wow. I hope they had enough breaths left to say their vows!!

  2. Kathy C.

    Wow. Maybe at that age but now I’d be exhausted.

  3. Bebemiqui

    That made me tear up a little at the end…so cute!

  4. k-stin

    Yeah! I just posted it on my blog this week, too! Love it! I like it bc it’s joyful!

  5. Anne

    Can’t get enough of this one. Only wish the music were more ‘respectful for a church setting. But I LOVE the choreography!!! What creativity!


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