Okay, this is funny, but it’s also kind of sad. (I hope this girl was on cold medicine or something). I’d hate to think these thoughts are representative of the California Educational system . . .



  1. Mocha with Linda

    Why do we have to pay for anything? It’s free!

    I’m sure California has some normal people (in fact I know a couple) but you sure don’t see many front & center!

  2. Kay Day

    I kept watching for reactions in the crowd, but they must be used to that kind of communication.
    I loved the one little clap at the end.

    And I think this girl must be a time traveler from 1863.
    “New West”? “The land is new”? “We believe in the union”

  3. Ruthie

    You are right, Angie…this woman is really sad. She is a “valley girl” extraordinaire! Not only were her thoughts a jumbled mess, but the basis of her statements were waaay over the top, i.e., if we grow the food, the food is free. Like, her parents must still provide, like, everything she needs, right? After all, they are Californians and it’s cool to be rich!! Yup. Sad.

  4. lv2scpbk

    Love watching the fish. Just finished The Fairlawn Series and loved it. Now reading Unspoken. Our book group is going to be reading The Canopy in Sept. There is about 12 of us. I’ve been getting everyone hooked on your books. Too bad I didn’t find them earlier.

    I started a new meme called Craft it Wednesday if you do any type of crafts. Would love to have you join us. Take a look.


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