I wrote yesterday’s post in faith . . . that apparently was misplaced. Yes, my new refurbished iMac did arrive at 4 p.m. on Saturday, and by 5 p.m. the Apple dude and I had declared it DOA. Dead on arrival. I spent all day waiting and prepping–moved the son’s upstairs computer to the closet (decided to salvage it for parts as needed), moved my old office computer upstairs cleared and cleaned off my desk (mostly), and waited for the Fed Ex man. When he finally arrived, I pulled out the new computer, plugged it in, watched the lovely welcome screen explode into a million colors . . . and then turn green. Pixelated green.

Never got it to recognize my other files, never got rid of the green. So Apple is going to take the refurb back, and I broke down and bought a new one AND paid for overnight delivery . . . which I hope actually arrives overnight. Hope to have it Tuesday.
But I’ve kept working. I’m always hesitant to disclose details on the WIP unless the contract is signed and sealed, even though I keep working toward the deadline because I know deadlines are important to publishers. And I have a reputation to maintain. 🙂
So I will probably soon tell you exactly what I’m working on, but for now, I’ll tell you that I’m writing a woman’s story–and it’s one of the most amazing stories of grace I’ve ever heard. I hope it sells a zillion copies because I think this book will affect lives and marriages and churches. I can hardly wait to sit down at the computer and work each day.
So–for now, I must get to work. Hope your day is lovely and your computers are all bug-free.
P.S. Did you hear about Billy Mays, the Oxy-clean infomercial guy? Dead at age 50. Looks like he was hit on the head when his plane had a rough landing in Tampa. No one knows the cause of death, though.


  1. Anonymous

    I can’t begin to imagine the frustration … I mean, your whole life and livelihood can get wrapped up in these little mechanical monsters. (Whoops, better not speak ill of it!) Best wishes!!! Clyde

  2. Mocha with Linda

    Your Mac, my washer/dryer. The new ones attempted to be delivered Friday arrived damaged (from the factory, not in transit). Maybe Tuesday will be a good day for both of us!

    Oooh, love the little hints about your book! Makes me smile in anticipation.

    When I heard about Billy Mays, it made me think about that actress who died after the ski injury. If you get bonked on the head, get it checked out!


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