While at Glen Eyrie, I had to step outside the castle to call my husband. (Apparently cell phone reception isn’t too good inside a stone mansion.) While standing out on the porch, I spotted a tree with an empty nest inside. A moment later I saw a female robin fly down, so I assume, perhaps wrongly, that the nest was hers.

How fitting to discover this collection of photographs on the web. Adorable baby hummingbirds. The best part is the last frame, where you see how small the hummingbird nest actually is! Makes me want to run outside and grab a camera, but I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a hummingbird in flight before (except in a video). God is an amazing creator!
Photo credit: Kevin Feldotto
P.S. I wrote the post above while at Glen Eyrie. And on our last morning, I stepped outside, spotted a hummingbird feeder, and saw three hummingbirds feeding from it! LOL! How God loves to delight us.


  1. Anonymous

    Oh, that’s a wonderful story! I was blessed in California to have the hummingbirds flitter around my balcony garden. I never ceased to marvel at their ability to stay in one spot, their little wings beating so fast you couldn’t see them! In the local Natural History Museum were nests of “hummers” – a favorite one was built on an orange! Clyde

  2. Kay Day

    I sometimes see them roosting in my trees. I have to have seen them fly there or I would never spot them.
    I haven’t seen a nest, though.
    Those pictures are amazing.

  3. Susan R

    Hummingbirds are amazing to watch, but they’re also quarrelsome little critters. We’ve had feeders for years, and you can often hear the high-pitched twittering that accompanies their fights over possession. One afternoon I watched a particularly aggressive pair fight to the ground over feeder possession. Probably a good thing that they’re not bigger!

  4. Anonymous

    God never ceases to amaze me. So glad He blessed you with the live hummers. They abound in our area. One morning hubby and I watched as one (we’ve nicknamed Kamikaze) hid in a bush and attacked each “invader” as the new hummer approached the feeder. Kamikaze was fearless and tireless. A true paragon of a military strategist.

    Thanks for the photos–and the Glen Eyrie experience.
    Mary Kay

  5. JMcQ

    I live in an area where hummingbirds are prolific. Reading you post made me realize how much we take for granted, just thinking everyone’s experience in life is similar to our own. I enjoyed the photos for the close-up. We have loads of little hummers, but I have yet to scour out a nest and take a peek inside.

  6. karenp

    A friend of mine in southern California has quite a bird sanctuary going on in her beautiful backyard garden. There will be 12+ hummingbids flying through at one time — eating, dive bombing, chasing, and chattering at each other. Quite a sight to behold! I just love hummingbirds and watching them interact. If you would like to attrac them easily…try getting bottlebrush and/or butterfly bushes for your yard, along with a hummingbird feeder.


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