Photo: A Jeff and Laura picture I spotted on a financial services web site.

You may remember me mentioning Jeff Calenberg, the photographer/model who took my new publicity pictures.

Seeing Jeff last month reminded me of something, so I thought I’d mention it today. I’m pretty sure that if you stepped outside your home and looked a mile in any direction, you’d find at least one young person who would like to become a model. Trouble is, a lot of young people are so desperate to fulfill that desire that they do things they regret later–like pose for nude or semi-nude pictures, spend a small fortune on portfolio shots, etc.
The truth is that people don’t HAVE to do these things to become professional models. (I see the same thing happening in the publishing field. Some folks are so desperate to be published that they’ll spend a fortune on agents, self-publishing, “book doctors,” and the like, when they don’t have to do that. In fact, if a manuscript is good, the publisher pays YOU, not the other way around. But I digress.)
Several years ago, Jeff and his wife, Laura, started an organization called Models for Christ. Laura and I even wrote a book together, Beauty from the Inside Out. (That’s Laura on the cover.)
One of the things Laura stressed in the book was that a young person doesn’t have to spend a lot or compromise their values in order to pursue a career in modeling. The folks at Models for Christ have put together a web page to help young people get started in modeling–legitimately. It’s here, on the Christian Talent Network page.
So if you know a young person (or an older person, for that matter) who is interested in modeling, send them to this website.
The other day when I was shopping for my Heavenly Bed linens, I looked up and laughed. One entire row of comforters was plastered with a picture of Jeff and Laura and an adorable blonde baby laughing on a pristine bed. You never know . . . . one day, you might look up and see someone you know on a shelf!


  1. Ruth W

    This sounds like a great organization.I hope young people choose to go with them instead of another route.
    I am curious about Heavenly Bedding, I will have to check it out. I love comfy bedding.

  2. Kristin

    This is a great idea. Modeling is one of those paths you need to be well-grounded for. When you watch those modeling shows, you see what hot messes those girls are. So kudos for this!


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