My hubby and I recently took a quick trip to New York to celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary. While we were there, I thought I’d ask my friend Jeff Calenberg to shoot some new publicity pictures, since it’d been about twenty years since he last took some pictures.

Jeff and his lovely wife, Laura, are professional models. After so many hours in front of the camera, Jeff decided to take his expertise and put it behind the camera. All I know is that he has taken the best pictures I’ve ever had in my life! (He took the small picture on my blog page a LONG time ago.)
So here’s one of my new pics! Jeff and his magical camera know how to shave off years and pounds . . . and I love that!
You can look at some of his work here.


  1. Kathy C.

    Nice. Very cheerful colors.

  2. Kathy C.

    Okay, that sounds stupid but you all know what I mean. A lot of back cover photo shots are downright depressing.

  3. Angela

    No, I know what you mean, Kathy. The photographer asked that mood I wanted, and I said something pleasant and approachable. I’ve seen far too many author photos where the subject looks like he has a headache. 🙂


  4. Anonymous

    Enchanting photo. How I loved wending my way through Calenberg’s website. When I grow up, I want to write like you and shoot like him. Thanks for the inspiration! Clyde

  5. Linda g

    Does he do passport pictures? 🙂

  6. OceanDreams

    Great picture. You look very cheerful and I enjoy your blog! Have a wonderful evening.


  7. Ruthie

    Great photo! Wished my latest photo (my driver’s license *UGH*) looked that good….

    BTW, I oopsed and posted about your trip to Ridgecrest on yesterday’s post. Wanted to put it on today’s. I won’t be redundant…you just made me homesick. *sigh* Hope your conference is a great success.

  8. jan

    what a beautiful picture!
    p.s. really enjoyed the pictures of you, your hubby, and your puppy, too! how old are your dogs?

  9. Anonymous

    Lovely photo. I’m realizing I need to get a professional one.

    And thanks (I think!) for the Castle connection. I tried again made it to level 24 before it started malfunctioning again. Maybe my computer doesn’t have enough speed (or some other tech thing) to play it correctly. But fiddlesticks–it is addicting. And I want to get to the end!

    Love the Blue Ridge Mountains. Enjoy!

    Mary Kay

  10. Christina Berry

    Yes, where is your writer’s angst??? Very nice shot. 🙂

  11. CatMom

    Beautiful, Angie!! 🙂
    Patti Jo Moore

  12. Pam

    They are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


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