Yes, I know that feeling. That’s why my favorite book is always the one I just FINALLY got out the door!



  1. Terri L. Gillespie

    Very cute! She’s got chutzpah singing for all the world to hear!

    Angie, I converted! This comes to you by way of my new pink-skinned Mac book!

  2. Angela

    Congratulations, Terri! You have seen the light! Tee hee. PINK?


  3. Linda G

    Thanks, Angie.
    That was a fun way to kick start my Monday morning.

  4. Ruthie

    That was a really cute video. Makes me glad I am NOT a writer!! LOL

    Terri…you nearly provoke me to jealousy (but not quite *smile*). I dream of having a MacBook some day. And I didn’t know they came in PINK, my all-time favorite color. You are truly blessed!


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