I hope you haven’t seen this already . . .

Seems a family had much higher than usual water bills. They checked for leaks, they checked the meter, and they couldn’t figure out why they were using so much water.

Until one day . . .

Isn’t that hilarious? I love it.


  1. Kathy C.

    Hmmm. You wouldn’t think a cat would want to be that close to water. I think I’d have to turn the water off in that toliet. Love my kitties but they’d have to settle for playing in the kiddie pool outside.

  2. Betsy Hudson

    Haha- too funny! I can see my cat doing this- he LOVES water! I think he thinks he’s a dog! 🙂

  3. Kay Day

    Oh my goodness!
    That cat has a longer attention span than I do!

  4. Holly

    My Chris just watched it and said, “This explains why they couldn’t find the Chihuahua….‏”

    He’s a card!

    Love you, Angie! Perhaps we can meet up, while you’re here in the summer.


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