Patti G sent this in for the cat lovers among us. (I like cats, but I’m more allergic to them than to dogs). Anyway, this is hilarious–and these cats really seem to be carrying on a conversation!

Guess what arrived at my house a couple of days ago? My hot-off-the-press copy of “The Note 2: Taking a Chance on Love.” Yesterday I did an interview with the fiction head from about the title, and we’ll talk more about it next month, because it’s our May BOM. Until then . . .



  1. Kathy C.

    Sounds like they both want to get in the last word.

  2. Terri L. Gillespie

    Sounded like they purred “okay” back and forth to one another. So sweet.

  3. Smilingsal

    The one of the left said, “You’ve got something on your neck. Get over here and let me wash it off.”

  4. Sue

    Our two kitties were brother and sister and they used to chatter away to one another all the time. They’d call to one another and even after the first one had died, Meg, the female would look up the stairwell calling for her brother, right up until a couple weeks ago when we had to put her down due to illness.

    Gotta love them!

    Cute video… it made me smile and remember my furry “kids” 😉


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