Last Saturday I drove over to Tampa and visited the Museum of Science and Industry, which was featuring one of those displays where they take actual bodies that have been donated to science and use them to display the wonders of human anatomy. I found it all fascinating, but was really sad to see the tiny babies–all the way from 5 weeks to 32 weeks gestation. It was hard to realize that these were real human lives that, for one reason or another, did not have a chance to live.

One of the most striking displays was a case with a pair of healthy lungs (lightly speckled from the dirt and debris people ordinarily breathe in) and a pair of smoker’s lungs (totally black from the tar in cigarettes). Next to the display case they had a clear box filled with cigarettes–from people who had decided to quit on the spot. Pretty effective display. 🙂
(Click the photos for a close-up view.)


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  2. Linda G

    They had a similar exhibit at our museum last year. My daughter went, but did not think I could stomach it. Who do they get to donate to things this this? Just image if any of those people were believers, what will happen when the rapture occurs! That would be a sight.

    If we come to Tampa early for the cruise next January we might go to the museum, since I think we can get in free with our OMSI membership.


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