This video made my stomach clench. Maybe I’m a chicken driver, but I get uneasy when I have to turn my car into my steep driveway . . . and it’s only about four feet long! But those couple of seconds that I can’t see the road are enough to unnerve me.

Whoever this test driver is . . . shudder. I don’t know how he does it.
What’s the steepest road you’ve ever driven on?
~~Angie, at home in nice, flat Florida.


  1. Suzanne

    Yeah, that’s crazy. Not a chance I’d volunteer for that job.

  2. Terri L. Gillespie

    There are several streets in San Francisco that were pretty scary. When we lived out there we had a clutch, too.

  3. Mocha with Linda

    Um, no thanks.

    We’ve got a couple of really steep hills here in the Texas Hill Country that I hate to drive up. And I know some folks whose driveways are ridiculous – one friend’s driveway made me scared I was going to crash into her house at the bottom!

  4. karenp

    I’m wondering how many takes did that require? You couldn’t have paid me all the money in the world to do that!

  5. Kathy

    My husband used to have a Cordoba–it had a very long nose. When I would drive up Washington Street in Easton, I could not see over the hood. I might as well have had my eyes closed. I just hoped people obeyed the stop sign at the intersection at the top of the hill. If the sun was setting it was just added excitement. The hood would level out and you’re “blinded by the light…” Avoided when possible.

  6. Adrianna O'Regan

    The steepest hill that I have driven on, acutally I should say been on – I wouldn’t do the driving. Would be the Crookedest Street on the World – in San Fran. We drove it in a F150 Ford Truck – now you should of seen the looks we got!

  7. Anonymous

    “Death Wish” came to mind as I watched this short but gripping video. My worst experience was pulling out of an underground, very steep parking garage in Boston one night after the ballet. There were hundreds (or so it felt) of cars behind me urging me loudly to get a move on! But the foot on my clutch was not cooperating. As I sat there feeling really terrified, I started laughing as the thought of Bill Cosby and his routine about the guy driving in San Francisco came to mind. He motioned out the window to the cars behind him, saying, “Come on around, just come on around!” Clyde

  8. Ruthie

    My husband is from the San Francisco area. When he took me home for the first time we drove all over SF and I learned the motto used there: “Close your eyes, confess all known sins, and drive.” Somehow that seems tame compared to this video…….

  9. jan

    …those old bridges that literally go straight up and straight down. they scare me!

  10. jan

    oh, by the way, i love the picture!

  11. Kay Day

    I don’t think I’ve personally driven up many steep roads. I have bad dreams about them, though. And when I was a kid and we were driving in the mountains, I would get out and walk up the steep hills.


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