I have to confess–since the book I’m working on is medical in nature, I’ve begun to watch medical shows. It started with a little “Trauma in the ER,” followed by a few episodes of “Dr. G, Medical Examiner,” and then I became a hardcore HOUSE follower. I’ve never watched the show for entertainment, but since I was sick last week, I Netflixed the first series and set in to watch it. There were (blushing) a couple of days where I watched nine episodes in a row!

The scariest thing is that it’s rubbing off. I was watching a video of undulating intestines during a surgery, and my brain thought, “that’s peristalsis,” and then Cameron (one of the docs) said, “Peristalsis!” I turned to give her a high five, but she didn’t see me. 🙂
When I don’t have a DVD handy, I find episodes on the USA network, but some of those are older and it takes me a while to figure out how the regular characters’ relationships have evolved.
The most intriguing thing about HOUSE is how the creators have written this character–damaged, brilliant, coarse, crude, egocentric, atheistic, lonely, lovely, crusty and tender–and how we root for him to solve the medical mystery every week. Who says heroes have to be completely admirable? HOUSE is the perfect example of a hero who is definitely NOT.
In any case, I’m long past the point of researching. I watch it now simply because I’m caught up in the characters.
If you haven’t figured it out, I have a tendency to go on kicks–I was on an Alias kick, then a Twilight kick, now it’s a medical kick. Whatever works. 🙂


  1. Smilingsal

    I’m a kick-kinda person too. Right now, I’m on a blog kick.

  2. Brittanie

    My sister and I watch House too. We watched Crossing Jordan when it was still on. She watches a lot more of the CSI type shows than I do.

  3. Kimberly

    we are definitely kindred spirits 🙂

  4. Linda G

    Right now we are alternating between “Magnum PI” and “Walker Texas Ranger”. If you really want ‘kicks’ then watch “Walker”.
    I just picked up a season of “Seventh Heaven” at the library.
    I will be watching that by myself.

  5. jan

    i am excited to get a “peek” regarding the book with which you are currently working! hmmm…medical…sounds interesting…
    can’t wait!

  6. Frances

    House: “everybody lies”. I love fiction!


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