If this is Thursday, I am out of town and speaking at Westminster Christian School in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  It’s a quick trip, in and out, but I do enjoy speaking to students. Looking forward to a good day. 

At home, I’ve been busy with house projects.  I’ve been “unemployed” for a while (meaning I have no book contract hanging over my head), so while I’ve been waiting for a job, I’ve been doing things that need doing.  Hubby says that while we may be broke, the house has never looked better.  🙂  I’ve cleaned the grout in the kitchen floor, taken down the dust-catching sheers in two front rooms and installed solar film instead, and rearranged furniture.  I’ve also finished our taxes. 
I’d better get a job soon, or we won’t recognize our house.  
I think I’m just going to jump in and write a book on spec–without a contract.  That’s an exercise in sheer faith and an option I haven’t taken in ages because for twenty years I’ve always had a contract and a deadline.  But I have this idea niggling in my brain, and I might as well start writing.  
If you ever decide to put solar film on your windows, watch out for paper cuts.  Yep, my thumb receive the mother of all paper cuts when I ran it along an edge of film, and two days later, it still hurts.  With a deep gash across the top, my appendage looks like FrankenThumb.  


  1. Smilingsal

    Oooo, poor baby. A little paper cut hurts, but a larger on on top of the thumb… OW!

    I have no curtains in my living room, just some fabric draping around my picture window. I put film on it, and get to see my lake.

    Do please begin to write that book! I cannot imagine publishing house not grabbing you!

  2. Terri L. Gillespie

    OUCH! Hate those paper cuts.

    Can’t wait to see what your little brain thinks up, Angie. Is this lull in contracts a result of the current economic situation?

  3. Kathy

    Did you get my e-mail about my article? I’m hoping you have some input. Please e-mail me.

    Remember the voodoo girl idea? Well, it may not have a happy ending. A family is waiting to adopt her but she cannot be found. I hate to know what that may mean. Maybe nothing of course…

  4. Angela


    The lull is partly due to the economy, as everyone is feeling more cautious these days. But one contract I was counting on didn’t happen because THE FACE, which got great reviews, didn’t have great sales numbers. Apparently I don’t sell well in mass market, which is a shame, because I think some of my best work is coming out in mass market . . sigh. This is never *easy.*


  5. Mocha with Linda

    Maybe they should consider that the reason you didn’t sell well in mass market was a visibility problem. I scoured area bookstands looking for The Face to give a friend and finally gave up and ordered it from Amazon. It won’t sell if people don’t see it!

    I’m with Sal – I can’t imagine anything you write not being snatched up.

    And my thumb is feeling your pain. Mine got in the way of the curling iron yesterday and has a nice blister.

  6. Anonymous

    Angie – I am absolutely shocked about “The Face”. I loved every minute of it and think it’s one of your best to date. I can find no fault in your eye-catching cover design and the intriguing tale encased therein.

    This may sound totally off the wall, but I wonder if the size of the book had anything to do with it. Do people, looking for excellent reading, gravitate towards a book that is larger, relegating paperback-size books to a “less worthy” designation? And, how often is the smaller book found on the table of new releases as you enter the book store? Just a thought, but I know that I personally prefer the larger size for ease of holding or finding in a bookcase. Clyde

  7. jan

    i can promise you that i will buy any book you write! may not help much, but i recommend you to all of my friends and family! many prayers go in your direction for a published book soon, and as always can’t wait till the next one comes out!

  8. jan

    oh, and btw, hope that your thumb heals fast!

  9. Sherry Kyle

    Did you already write The Note 2, or Taking a Chance on Love as the Hallmark movie was called. (I enjoyed it BTW!)

    Okay, it’s too weird to think you don’t have a deadline right now. I bet it’s nice in a way, too.

    If you still have all that energy, you can come clean my grout! I despise doing that!

    I got the chills reading about your paper cut. OUCH! Those are the worst!

    Take care!


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