Christianity Today recently posted its list of the ten “most redeeming” movies of 2008.  I’ve only seen two on the list–“Wall-E” and “The Visitor,” but I agree with those choices.  I’ll have to add the others to my Netflix queue.  

You can check out the list here . . . and remember, “redeeming” does not necessarily mean “Kid-friendly.”  


  1. Mocha with Linda

    I’m so movie-illiterate. I’ve never even heard of most of these, much less seen them!!

  2. Deborah

    i’ve seen wall e, horton, and dark knight. want to see Gran Torino, Slumdog, rachel getting married, fireproof and the visitor. have you written on the blog about the visitor? how was it? i know richard jenkins has been nominated for best actor Oscar for his performance.

  3. Anonymous

    I would heartily recommend “Fireproof” whether you are married or not. It has made a huge difference in the lives of my daughter and her closest friends. Clyde

  4. Linda G

    The only movie we went to see last year was the Indiana Jones one.
    Our church is showing “Fireproof” in a couple of weeks.
    Right now I am going back to bed and my box of tissue.

  5. LuAnn

    I am so anxious to see Gran Torino. Our little theater has been listing it as “coming soon” for weeks. I’m hoping it will be here for Valentine’s Day!

  6. Amy

    I loved the Visitor and liked Gran Torino.


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