I don’t know if you’re an Elvis fan (he’s actually a little before my time), but my writing pal Leanna Ellis has a new book out that sounds like fun.  Here’s the official blurb: 

Winner of the National Readers’ Choice Award and Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart Award, Leanna Ellis writes women’s fiction for B&H Publishing. Her latest book, Lookin’ Back, Texas will be released September 2008. Visit her website at here. 


Elvis Takes a Back Seat

B&H Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-8054-4696-8


A young widow, determined to fulfill her husband’s last request, hauls a three foot bust of Elvis strapped in the back seat of a vintage Cadillac from Texas toMemphis to return it to its rightful owner.  The road trip with her eccentric aunt, who knew the King of Rock n’ Roll, and a temperamental teen, hits roadblocks and detours as the three women uncover pieces of their own past along with the bust’s mysterious history.  The discoveries change the course of their lives forever.





  1. Mocha with Linda

    Elvis predates me as well, and I’ve never understood the mania. But this book sounds unique and fun!

  2. Valerie

    Our youngest daughter is named “Presley”–guess that would qualify us as fans (my husband more than me). I was 5 when Elvis died, but I distinctly remember it and how my parents were sad (not sad, as if a family member had died, but clearly touched by it).

    The story of Elvis is so fascinating because he came from nothing, made an impact on music in a big way (not, I contend, because he was so talented, but because he went where no artist had gone before), and then went on to self-destruct (some might argue he had a lot of help in that area).

    That said, I recall with fondness a road trip with girlfriends to Graceland. You really should see it at least once! (I’ve been a few times and plan to take Presley when she’s older.)The campiness, the ridiculous souvenirs…the novelist certainly had a lot to work with on this one. Should make for a fun read.

  3. Joey Hill

    Leanne’s book was a riot. Loved it. Going to Graceland is on my plan one day (I’m in New Zealand so it might be a very long way ahead!_ Angela, I’m reading your Magdalene at the moment – wow – we just have no idea how hideous it was back then, how tough to be Christian. It’s a fascinating novel.

  4. Leslie

    I’ve got it, but haven’t had the chance to read it yet. Lent it to my friend first and she seemed to enjoy it.


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