My hubby and I found this short video the other day–it’s cute.   Gary saw the punch line coming a mile away, but I was caught by surprise.  🙂 

Speaking of mouse holes, we have rats in our attic.  Ugh. Especially around dusk, I hear the pitter patter of little feet over my head . . . 


  1. sara

    that was cute! As he reached his body in, I got it!!

    Are they rats or mice? I could handle a mouse, but a RAT?!!! Where is that exterminator?!

  2. Mocha with Linda

    That was too funny!

    I feel your pain. Something about the cold weather. We’ve had a bit of a problem lately too.

  3. Wanda

    One good cat will take care of that little problem!
    I have two awesome “outside” cats that are THE best mousers.
    They do not let them near my house….every once in a while…we let them inside to do a little walk through….
    They are great to have around.

    They actually bring up their kills to my back door and yell for us to come see! Amazing!

  4. Angela

    I would add a cat if I could, but our homeowners’ association limits us to two pets . . . and I’m full up.

    I HAVE heard (here in FLA) about tossing a snake up in the attic, or a mouse-eating lizard . . . but then how do you get rid of the snake or the gigantic lizard? LOL!

  5. jan

    hey, i am just as afraid of snakes as i am of rats! maybe a few rat-traps are in order…
    (oh yes, and that was a funny “mini-movie!”)

  6. Anonymous

    I think you should call the Homeowners Association and ask them to evict your extra “pets”. Clyde


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