No, not the “living doll” types, but those burly prop-up men designed to ride in cars with women in order to scare off carjackers. 

Technology has one-upped the driving buddies–now you can ride in your car with a hologram.  This new “virtual” companion not only scares away potential car jackers and thieves, but will also nag you if you fall asleep and translate if you find yourself driving in a foreign country. 
You can watch a demonstration here . . . and I do believe the hologram buddy is now for sale.  So–who’s going to be an early adopter? 
Me, I hardly ever leave the house, so I don’t think this is a good investment.  I could accomplish the same thing by driving with one of my dogs.  The drool would frighten anyone away. 


  1. Patsy

    I need a virtual pal who drives and runs errands. I know never satisfied. Okay, then how about one that washes the car, pumps gas, AND pays for it?!

  2. Smilingsal

    Okay, NOW I’ve seen everything!

  3. Anonymous

    As a single female, I sure hope that they have a handsome male version of the blond. (And the Theft Deterrent guy was not exactly what I had in mind.) Thx for today’s moment of enlightenment, Angie! Clyde

  4. Kay Day

    Cool! I want the big scary guy! I think holograms are awesome. I also watch too much star trek. The kids and I are waiting for holodecks to come out!

  5. Accidental Poet

    I need one of those in my office, with a long ruler.

    “warning!” (smack!) “you are not focussing!”

    “Warning!” (smack! smack!) “reading blogs does not get your book written!”

    and then there would be an audible sniff and “Oh stop your whining.”

    And then I’d reach out and turn it off.

  6. lynnrush

    We moved to AZ from CO and within a week BOTH our cars were broken into (smashed windows, stereos stolen) right in our parking lot. And we were the ONLY two cars that got hit….I wish I had had that big guy hologram hovering around my cars back then.

    Thanks for the fun video link

  7. Anonymous

    someone told me yesterday that there was a police department (not sure where) that was trying this idea out to slow down traffic. they are holding radar guns, and the folks that have seen them thought that they were real officers. has anyone else heard this?

  8. Karen

    We could get several of these and have a virtual party too 🙂

  9. Lisa

    That video is so ridiculous it’s funny. I don’t think that foreign guy was smiling at the translation.


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