You’ve heard me talk about Orson Scott Card, the Mormon novelist who wrote the wonderful book, “Ender’s Game.”  Not too long ago I posted a link to one of his columns . . . and today I’m posting another one.  He talks about the current financial crisis, journalism, and the upcoming election–and I agree with every point. 



  1. Angela

    I forgot to explain the picture–in case it’s not obvious, that’s Uncle Sam redistributing the wealth!


  2. Kay Day

    The only thing I might not agree with is when he said that it isn’t too late.
    It would take a lot for the press to regain my trust.
    But it is an excellent article. Think anyone will listen?

  3. Anonymous

    Excellent article – am recommending it to all. I have gotten in the habit of watching Fox for my news, except when I watch Glenn Beck, so I’m constantly shocked at how far in Obama’s pockets the “journalists” have become. They no longer even try to hide their adoration of “The One”. Let’s pray for a glimmer of hope that someone else is left in that profession with a touch of conscience. Clyde

  4. Angela

    Just heard that Glenn Beck is going to be moving to Fox soon. I’m happy for him, but it seems that our news is becoming more and more polarized–if you want the conservative slant on the issues, you watch Fox. If you want the liberal slant, you watch everything else. I get two newspapers every day–Tampa is conservative, St. Pete is liberal. It’s very interesting to compare front page headlines every morning–the slant is so obvious.

    But it’s no wonder that so many people have swallowed distortions and false philosophies, when it’s piped into their homes all day, on several channels. Sigh.


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