Jolan wrote: “Is Devorah Cohen mentioned in The Spear of Tyranny?  I was so into Devorah and Michael I was suprised to see them both gone so soon!  I know Michael was a Christian so he was among those who dissapeared but where did Devorah and Asher go?” 

I had to look this up, Jolan, because I didn’t remember!  You may have noticed that I have a short attention span–three or four months on a book, and I’m ready to move on to something else.  (Maybe it comes from working with middle schoolers!)   Anyway, no–the third book is concerned with a man named Isaac Ben-David, so Devorah and Asher have moved on.  Devorah’s father, the rabbi, is mentioned, however.  

Deborah wrote:  It’s been a while since I’ve read the books so maybe my memory’s a little rusty but w/o spoiling the book for others, the 3rd book had a different set of characters from the 1st two. i don’t remember reading whatever happened to the previous characters. i think i remember feeling like Spear was a completely different storyline from the others. maybe my memory is just fuzzy, but was that intentional? 

The way I remember it, Deborah, is that Grant really wanted to tell the story of the (real) spear, and that meant we had to deal with the Bad Guys.  So yes, we had to switch the cast of characters somewhat.  Actually, each book featured different protagonists, but between the second and third books we switched most of the action from the Good Guys’ camp to the Bad Guys’.  

Linda asked:  So my question is….whether with this series of prophecy or other topics, have you ever had a story line or concept (either that you’ve thought of or that’s been presented to you) that you’ve thought “I can’t/don’t want to deal with that.” I would imagine that we all have those issues that stop us short, but you have written on such a wide variety of things. Not trying to delve into the recesses of your mind, but just wondering if there are things you avoid (you don’t have to say what they are) or if the research and writing are the way you deal with them.

Sure, people suggest stories to me all the time, but I rarely act on those suggestions.  I can work on projects that my editors suggest to me–and frequently do–and though those will become interesting as I learn about them, it’s the books that are rooted in my own curiosity that bring me the most satisfaction.  There are some topics that simply don’t interest me, but that’s usually because I’ve written about them before.  🙂  I don’t like repeating myself.  

So that about wraps it up!  Thanks so much for coming along on another book of the month survey!


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  1. Mocha with Linda

    Thanks for answering the questions! It’s always fun to see the story behind the story!


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