If you’ve joined me in reading the blog “Confessions of a CF husband,” you’ll be delighted to know that the little family is now home!  Read this incredible story here.  

Rejoice with the family and all those who have prayed for them. God is good! 
I’m up here in Colorado, where it snowed today.  The CWCC is going great and my pal Nancy and I are teaching another “Nangie” clinic–two of them, in fact.  We have great and enthusiastic students and all is going well. 


  1. Kathy

    I’ve only been to that conference once. IT was May so I took all short sleeved shirts. I bought two sweatshirts in a gift shop and wore them all week.

    I was also suppose to be in a workshop for writing fiction for teens but it met in a cabin and there was a moose on the porch!!!!! No one ever covered what to do if you couldn’t get to your class because of a moose (or elk??) So I stood outside 15 minutes and waited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kay

    I can see Long’s Peak from my window and I see the fresh snow. I think about all of you every time I look overt there.
    I’m praying for a wonderful week for all of my friends there.

  3. Accidental Poet

    Prayers here too. I know what kinds of fantastic things can happen “where two or three are gathered in [His] name.”

  4. Anonymous

    I concur with all above … loved Kathy’s story. What a Kodak moment that must have been! Learning and sharing – a great combination. We enjoyed it at Glen Eyrie, and now others are blessed with the combination. Clyde

  5. Mocha with Linda

    Sigh. Would love to be a fly on the wall. Give Nancy a hug for me.

    And what wonderful news that sweet little Gwyneth is finally home with her parents. I’ve sporadically checked his blog since you introduced us to them. What amazing miracles God performed in their lives!

  6. Pam Meyers

    ROFLOL. I can picture that animal, probably an Elk. That’s what’s usually around there. How funny. Our Nangie was in a little cabin too and I thought it was so cozy in there. No snow last year though. Just a good old thunderstorm each day.

  7. amy

    Have enjoyed reading Cfhusband this past year and its amazing how many new blogs I find that have also read the blog. I feel connected to soo many new friends because of that family.

    I was an original Dazer! Heehee

    have a good day


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