I’m sure you heard last week about the little girl born with two faces in India.  If she had been born in the U.S., I’m sure doctors would be trying to figure out how to merge the two into one, but this little girl’s parents say that as long as she is healthy (apparently she can eat and breathe with no problems), they’re fine. In fact, many of the people in her village are revering her as the incarnation of a goddess.

  I was immediately fascinated because this baby reminded me of THE FACE, which is waiting to be published in November, and is about a girl born with no face at all.  And it also made me think of the Hensel twins (in the second photo), who are teenaged conjoined twins living in the U.S. The book I’m plotting now is about twins, so I’m wondering if this little baby began as two embryos that merged into one, or one that simply developed two faces. Amazing that everything “works.” 
A new week . . . back to work! 


  1. Lisa

    I hadn’t heard, actually, but I pretty much live in a bubble. If Yahoo doesn’t deem it newsworthy enough to pop up on my home page, I probably don’t know about it. Sad on my part, but true.
    Back to work for me too…lunch is over!

  2. Anonymous

    This is an incredibly powerful blog today, Angie. I’ve been thinking on it and it came to me this morning that, of course, each of us has a purpose on earth – as individuals and as Children of God. Psalm 139 came to mind and, no matter the version, the underlying thought is quite clear. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made, God has knit us in our mother’s womb, His eyes saw our unformed substance. God knows what our purpose is in this earthly life. I give thanks for the parents of these children who are not allowing these special creations to be hidden away or exploited but rather to live the life they have been given to the best of their capabilities. What a tribute as the twins contemplate their adult life in terms of any other young women. And the wee one with the two faces will give her parents twice the smiles and twice the kisses. Love conquers all. Praise God in His infinite wisdom! Clyde

  3. C.J. Darlington

    Now I REALLY want to read The Face! Very intriguing.


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