Still having a great time at Mt. Hermon.  This afternoon, after teaching my morning class, I was privileged (stunned, actually) to sit in on a panel with many faces that may be familiar to you:  Robin Jones Gunn, Jerry Jenkins, Patsy Clairmont, and Debbie Macomber.  

Tonight Jerry J is our keynote speaker, then classes wrap up tomorrow and off we go.  My hubby is flying out here, and we’re going to tool around the California coast for a few days–and I need to find my voice again!  I don’t usually talk and sing this much. 
Enjoy these few pictures!


  1. Kathy

    You hang out with impressive company–but I like your books best of the group : )

  2. Mocha with Linda

    And P.S. I bet they’re all writing home and on their blogs saying “I got to be on a panel with Angie Hunt!!”

  3. Anonymous

    Tool down to Santa Barbara! We’re on the coast!!! I’d love to welcome you to my home town. Clyde

  4. Angela

    Elsi–that is a HILARIOUS and clever improv video! Thanks so much for the link! I would love to see something like that–but I would probably jump up and start singing myself. 🙂


  5. Anonymous

    I am just finding your post about going with Steeple Hill; don’t worry, I look for your books in every book store that I enter. Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, christian books stores etc….I have probably bought every book you have written , then after reading them I donate them to our church library. Keep writing, we’ll find you!! lol
    Teresa from Alabama

  6. Mel

    From one INTJ to another, I again have to say that your workshop was fantastic. Thank you so much.

    Enjoy the coast!



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