Photos:  Pals Jim Bell and Gayle Roper; a redwood tree (I *think*), Deb Raney and Kelli Standish in the van . . . with the Mac Air.  🙂   

The Mac Air is awfully popular here.  Everyone wants to lift it, hold it, weigh it, and run their fingers over the keyboard.  Soon all laptops will be this thin, but until then, the Mac Air is a thing of beauty.  
Today was a fairly restful day, with the conferees still arriving, orientation, and our first few sessions.  Tomorrow we hit the ground running and I begin teaching the fiction track. It has been gratifying to hear from several of last year’s conferees that they have been listening to my teaching tapes (actually, they’re MP3s) over and over, and tonight a woman told me she sold her first novel after being in my class!  I don’t know that I taught her anything, but it was nice of her to imply that I did. 
It’s supposed to be rainy tomorrow with hail, believe it or not, but I suspect we’ll be too busy to notice.  🙂  


  1. CrownLaidDown

    Praying for you, as you teach tomorrow, Angie.

    Guess what? We have a job, as of this morning–beginning April 11th! I guess I’ll be buying that new Heavenly Daze series, afterall.

    God is good! Oh yes He is!
    Praise Him!!

  2. Mocha with Linda

    What fun. I’d love to just come hang around all those authors. Talk about a bookworm’s heaven! Forget a writer’s conference. . . have a reader’s conference!

    Loved the truck in the last post – very California-ish! But God’s beautiful scenery far outdoes it!


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