If you like participating in the Internet, here’s something that might interest you:  http://www.humanclock.com. 

Click on “view the clock” to see a picture of something, somewhere, with the real time on it.  Submit your own photos if you’re so inclined.  And while you’re there, watch that video on Bonzi.  I’ve never seen a dog grin like that! 
AND–today (Wednesday) my pal Lisa Samson and her daughter Tyler are leaving for Swaziland, Africa!  Please keep them in your prayers.  


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  1. CrownLaidDown

    Praying for Lisa and Tyler!!

    BTW, I just finished Diann Mills book that you recommended. It was good, well written and interesting. I will go back and read her older writings! Thanks for the word about her!

    Much love in Christ,


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