You may recall that I had a ten pound box of books to award, so I called for photos of pets dressed up as characters from an Angela Hunt novel. 

Well, I know one thing for sure–I had more fun looking at the pictures than these pets did dressing up!  So many cute pictures! 
Our winner is Kathy Cassel (and crew), with their pooch patiently reenacting a scene from THE ELEVATOR.  I love the elevator buttons on the back wall!  LOL! 
Kathy, if you’ll email me with your address, I’ll get your books in the mail! 

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  1. Kathy

    Yay for Cheyenne.

    Thank you Angie.

    Cheyenne is around 11-years-old and fitting enough, she was displaced after the hurricane a couple of years ago. A bunch of people came to our town and then dumped their pets on the street. She was taking “the walk” when I suddenly decided to drop in and see if they’d have an older dog to keep my other one company.

    I think we about gave her a heart attack with the pictures!

    If anyone wants to see our other pictures, go to
    Scrappy just did not want to be a corpse!


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