Genie Francis said filming “The Note” changed her perspective . . . read about it here.    (HT to Kelli Standish for the link!)  

I received a very sweet letter from a woman who I’ll keep anonymous . . . let me just say that she was instrumental in helping bring the novel to film.  She told me that she was like Peyton, and though she’ll never be able to heal the rift between her and her parents, God was able to step in and bring healing to her heart after she read “The Note.” 
It’s not the novel, of course, that brings the healing . . . it’s God’s love.   
So . . . what did you think?  


  1. Tracy

    Awesome, awesome, awesome!!

    But I do have a question. Did you cry your eyes out as your wrote The Note? I started bawling when the credits rolled and I read “Based on the novel by Angela Hunt” and hubby passed his box of tissues over to me! 🙂

  2. Deborah

    just finished watching it with my boyfriend’s family. loved it!!! they didn’t change as much as i thought. you were right, the reporter guy was nice to look at 😛

    really enjoyed it. i did get teary eyed. the only thing that got me was that they added some cursing which i felt was totally unnecessary. otherwise i loved it!

  3. Brittanie

    It was great! I loved who played Peyton and the lead guy was hot! The book will always be my favorite though 🙂

  4. Rob

    Wow! there are not many stories that make you think “Who would be the person I would think of with my last thought?” Thanks Angie!

  5. MOM

    Angie, I am so proud of you, I’m about to burst! I’m glad they stayed close to the book. Absolutely loved it. Congratulations!! Love Mom

  6. Carla Gade

    What a wonderful story of forgiveness and God’s wonderful gift! It had such redemptive message. Genie Francis did a great job, too. Angela, thank you for this truly heartwarming story. I was so thrilled to see it!

  7. Kathy

    Wow! You guys are ahead of me but my daughter was hogging my computer!

    I caught a lot of differences from the book but I actually liked some of them. I like that it was clearly revealed who the note writer was NOT. And I liked the closure Peyton had by sharing her secret with the right person at the end. (I’m tyring not to give anything away in case someone reading this didn’t watch it). I didn’t like that Peyton’s dad had died previously in the movie but they couldn’t use the ending about her reconciling with her dad and have end it the way that they did with her closure with T.

    I posted on my blog that it was going to be on a few weeks ago when I did a post about Angie and then I put a brief reminder today but I think I put it too late. It will be interesting to see if anyone says they watched it.

  8. jan

    my daughter and i watched it together. we absolutely loved it! it was a beautiful movie! angela, you must be so happy! we are thrilled for you!

  9. Anonymous

    Angie – my daughter called me from Texas, as I was waiting for the movie to start here in Cslifornia. She had just finished watching and now it was my turn! We have each read the book, and each loved the movie version. You should be very pleased that, even with the changes, the movie transmitted the original intent of the book. Heartiest congratulations to you for this milestone in your career! And, lucky us, for being along for the ride! Clyde

  10. Doni Brinkman


    I watched The Note this afternoon and I loved it. I cried at all the appropriate parts and was moved by the Hallmark rendition. Having said that though, I have to add this – the true heart of the story can only be found in the pages of your book.

    Two weeks ago I sat down to reread The Note. The timing was ironic to say the least because during the week that I was reading it, my husband’s young cousin committed suicide leaving the family a heartbreaking note filled with shame and grief. Also in this same week, Jim and I were waiting anxiously while a Birthmom read our “note” to her as she debated placement for her daughter born in November. Before we found out if she chose us to parent, her sister called the agency and asked to be considered for adoption. The suicide/adoption threads were hard to read that week but they served to focus my heart on grace.

    From the moment of Payton’s first interview, the allegory was clear. What do we do with the incredible gift of grace offered us? Are we too proud to admit our need? Too ashamed and desperate to accept the gift? Do we take what we have been offered for granted….or do we reach out and accept it fully embracing our need and His love? It isn’t ever about us…only Jesus. My prayer is that those who see the movie will not be able to resist purchasing the book. That is where the real story is.

    P.S. Recently I watched Amy Grant and Vince Gill on Oprah. Amy was describing the first time she met Vince and she said that she had a sense of just really “seeing him”. Because I had just reread The Note, I thought “and that is exactly how I feel when I read an A.H. book” . You have a little Payton in you – your heart shines through and by the last page of every book Angela, “I see you”.

    Okay I guess one post script wasn’t enough because I wanted to comment on one more thing. The way you ended the adoption thread in the book was a gift to my heart. As a mother who received her beautiful blessings through adoption, I was so grateful that you gave Lila the chance to grieve her parents. I could add a whole lot more to that, but on this topic….I think you will “see me”. Love you.

  11. Leslie

    My one and only complaint about the movie was that Peyton and King were too…..nice. Yep. I don’t know why but I expected them to be much grittier – but overall I loved the movie. I totally adored “T” and I appreciatted the way that the film makers kept the basic storyline (allegory) intact.

    I’m so happy for you. I really hope this opens the door for more of your amazing books to be made into movies!!!


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