As we leave the topic of The Note and return to more mundane ramblings, I thought I’d share a few parting thoughts. 

I’ve received so many positive comments and emails since the movie aired last night.  I am grateful for each one, not only for your reaching out in support, but because you caught the vision. 
We are surrounded by hurting, needy, confused people who need to see God’s love in action, and they need to see it from us.  Forgiveness and reconciliation are part of God’s love, and that was the message of The Note. 
I am delighted that the message came through, and I pray that people who pick up the book now will go deeper into the story and explore the analogy further.  Because God has written a note to the world, and just like the fathers in the book, He stands willing and waiting to receive his wayward creations. 
Now–a lot of people, especially writers, are wondering, “What did she do to get that made into a movie?” 
The answer is:  nothing. 
A woman read the novel and gave it to her fiancee, who passed it on to a small film company, which tried for five long years to get it made into a theatrical film and then pretty much left it with an individual who took it to TV people . . . who, once they read the script, rushed the project through to completion.  
So–what did I do?  Nothing but give my permission.  It was a God-thing from the start.  And for me, those are the sweetest “success stories,” because they are His. 


  1. Mary Kay

    Thanks for the new THE NOTE airing dates. Couldn’t find anyone with cable that includes Hallmark–but I’m going to keep trying!

    It’s wonderful to hear the positive reactions and to know the movie did the book justice. (But don’t you wonder why the “obligatory” cursing?) Sigh.

    Aside from wondering what an author does, I’ve often wondered what a reader does or who a reader contacts, to highlight a good read to movie makers. Guess it is all who you know–and who God prompts.

  2. Leslie

    IF its legal – Mary Kay – I will be happy to make a copy and send you the movie. I DVR’d it and then ended up buying a dvd player this weekend that records. I already made myself a copy to keep. My email is greyfort at gmail dot com.


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