Okay, so I’m a little excited now . . . especially since I’ve seen the movie.  So tell your neighbors, call your mother, tell the folks at church and the grocery store to watch THE NOTE tonight (Saturday) on the Hallmark channel.  

(Side item of interest:  some enterprising entertainment reporter is selling his/her promo DVD of the film on eBay–last time I checked, it was up to sixty bucks!)   

It’s showing at nine p.m. eastern time (I think the time has changed since we first began announcing it), and I’m not sure what times it’ll be showing in other time zones.  But check in your local television programming.  
If you have to go out, set your VCR or TiVo or computer or whatever you have on hand.  If you don’t have cable or a TV, pop into your neighbor’s house (better take a pizza to share).  And don’t forget the tissues.  🙂  
Walt Belcher at the Tampa Tribune wrote a nice article about the movie.  Did anyone see Ted McGinley on Live with Regis and Kelly?  I had to go out and miss it–and I forgot to record it!  
And after you see the movie, come back here to tell me what you thought.  Don’t expect it to be identical to the book–it’s not–but I think you’ll find that the spirit of the book has translated very well.   


  1. Dazer Linda G

    I watched Ted on Regis and Kelly. At the very end they talked about “The Note” and showed a short clip. Kelly seemed very interested and asked about what would someone write who only had a few seconds left to live. From what Ted said he has been doing alot of promoting for “The Note” this week.

    I missed Genie Francis on “The View” on Monday. It was preempted just because Portland was having some rain and flooding. Today on cnn.com there is an article about her. She is sorry for the way she left General Hospital in 1983 and is going public about it because of how doing “The Note” changed her life.

  2. Doni Brinkman

    How in the world did you just skip a day? I am pretty sure that in Phoenix it is still Friday the 7th. If not, I am worse off than I thought LOL. Tivo is all set for tomorrow though! I reread The Note so I feel all prepared now. 🙂

  3. Angela

    Don’t fret, Doni–I’m pre-posting. 🙂 I knew I’d be busy tomorrow cleaning house.


  4. Carrie K.

    I’m so bummed we had to get rid of our satellite! I e-mailed my mom, begging her to record it for me – but I’m not sure if her cable package includes Hallmark. Will it be released on DVD at a later time if I have to miss it?

    Carrie K.

  5. Angela

    I *think* they will be releasing it on DVD, though last I heard, they hadn’t settled the details of production and distribution. I’ll keep you posted!


  6. Anonymous

    I could not help wondering what Nicholas Sparks thought. My husband and I just knew it was a nicholas Sparks book , but we had not heard of it and we live in the same town as him. When we watched the movie and it had moorhead city
    we just knew it was. But I kept thinking why would they not use his good name. Well i read Nicholas sparks and thomas Kinkaid
    and now I think I can write a book or a movie too.I did enjoy the movie but I kept thinking of Nicholas Sparks reaction and thought it realy was not fair I know you will not use this .

  7. Angela

    Nicholas Sparks’ book is called THE NOTEBOOK. It already has a movie made from it, and this obviously isn’t it. THE NOTE is a different movie/film altogether.


  8. Kathy

    Well that was certainly a strange anonymous comment.


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