The other day I made a point of watching Tim Gunn on Bravo–and was astounded to hear him say that every woman really only needs ten things in her closet.Ha!

Since my hubby has been complaining about our huge–and overcrowded–closet, I ordered Tim Gunn’s book. I haven’t finished it yet, but I have begun the great closet cleanout.

Now–in order to understand the full ramifications of this feat, you need to understand that four years ago I lost sixty pounds. At my lowest weight, I got rid of all my larger clothes and went on a shopping spree–so many of the things in my closet are Barbie-sized. Lots of things, many with tags still on.

And as time went by, so did my Barbie proportions. I haven’t gained sixty pounds back yet, but I’ve regained enough to make me cry uncle and go back to counting points, calories, bites, whatever works. And in the mean time, I’ve had to buy other things in larger sizes–enough clothes that my closet now looks like T.J. Maxx at closing time.

So–I’m going to follow Tim’s advice and pare down the closet. I’m not sure I’ll get down to ten things, but as I get older I do feel myself needing to simplify. I really would rather have twenty nice things than five dozen things I’m not so wild about. And lots of jeans, of course.

I even bought a mannequin, because I’m going to be selling stuff on eBay. (No, I’m not telling you what my eBay name is. My closet life and my blog life shall remain two separate things.)
Here’s to simplicity. And to seeing the walls of my closet again.

Tomorrow: we begin another book-of-the-month!



  1. Suzanne

    I sold some of my I-lost-25-pounds-this-year clothes this summer. I love eBay! My favorite place to shop!

  2. jan

    we went from decent sized closets to “mini” closets when we moved into this older home. i had to down size considerably. oh well, less to have to keep up with!

  3. Kathy

    Ugh. Let’s not talk closets! It’s not clothes–it’s that everything that doesn’t belong to anyone belongs to me. If you’re a mom, you’ll understand that statement. And I tend to buy stuff at end of season clearance. I mean, if I can get my kids swimsuits for $2.50 in Sept for next year, why wait and pay $12.50 in May? So my closet looks like Walmarts’s clearance rack–ha! with 6 kids (ages 24 to 6) and adopting twins form Haiti–it IS Walmarts’ clearance rack!

  4. Lynda

    Hey Angie, people who clean out closets are my heroes. It’s a job that always seems to need to be done, but one I always manage to put off. Can you share with use at least a couple of those 10 items?? Maybe I’ll get inspired!

  5. Anonymous

    Angie, stop counting calories and start counting carbs. Low-carb (not NO-carb) is the way to go! Very doable for most people. I love it. And I feel better too.


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