Prewritten on September 30.

I am sitting here in the Edmonton airport, thinking about cakes. This is because I began to think about cakes after reading Susan Plett’s blog on Friday (see “Accidental Poet” in my blogroll), but I had to stop thinking about cakes and suddenly switch to thinking about Getting to Edmonton.

I ought to be thinking about THE FACE, which I have to hand in tomorrow, but the airport is not the place to descend to the Deeper Level I need to think about THE FACE. So I’m back to thinking about cakes.

10 Good things about cakes

1. I had one for breakfast at a Tim Horton’s. You can’t go to Canada without eating at Tim’s, but you don’t have to eat cake. I ate it because I saw a yummy looking carrot cake in the display case. It would have been better if it had been warmed.
2. Cakes are delicious.
3. Cakes are hospitable. No matter how many people come for dinner, you can always stretch a cake so there’s enough for everyone.
4. Cakes are creative. You can bake them in almost any shape, and decorate them with almost anything–it doesn’t even have to be edible. You can also make cupcakes, which are extremely portable–even tossable.
5. People only care what a cake looks like until you begin to eat it. Once the cake is sliced, you can take off the plastic football guys, totally ruin the design, or crumble it all over someone’s plate. No one cares.
6. Cakes are festive. What’s a party without a cake?
7. Cakes are extraverted. You see a cake, you want to invite people in to share it.
8. Cakes are kid-friendly. They can help with the mixing, the icing, or even the picking-out at Sam’s.
9. Cakes have calories as well as sugar, flour, milk and eggs. And if you add vegetables, as in a carrot cake, you can eat the entire food pyramid in one dessert.
10. Cakes keep for days. If you have a cake on hand, you’re always ready for company.

Not so Good Things About Cakes
1. They’re big. If you’re on a diet, cakes stick around forever and whisper your name.
2. They’re calorie-dense. There just aren’t enough vegetables in a cake to negate this fact.
3. Cakes are king of the holidays. I, for one, would love to celebrate my birthday with a pie.
4. Cakes are crumbly and require cleanup, especially if kids are involved.
5. Cakes are extraverted. This is a sometimes problem for introverts.
6. Cakes are party-centered. Therefore there is nothing sadder than someone sitting alone in a kitchen and eating cake.

7. There’s a funny Seinfeld episode about a chocolate bobka. (sp?) The episode is good, the bad thing is that I’ve never had a chocolate bobka. Or a plain bobka. In fact, I don’t know that I’ve ever bobkaed at all.

8. My mind contains a memory of some man talking about cake–except he pronounces it “keck.” The line is something like, “You want keck?” The bad thing is that I can’t remember who says it or in what context. It’s just a loose, floating memory that won’t be anchored until I hear it again.
9. Some people can create beautiful cakes like the one in the photograph. I can’t.

And there you have it. My feelings about cake. Would you like to add your feelings to either list?



  1. Nicole

    I would simply add that although I love cake (and probably anything else that contains lots of sugar, fat, and frosting), I would also prefer a pie for my birthday–or breakfast. I’m devoted to pies.

  2. Carrie K.

    The “keck” quote is from Father of the Bride – Martin Short as the wedding planner, with that absurd unidentifiably European accent. Hilarious!

    Have you seen the show Ace of Cakes on the Food Network? They make cakes that are works of art.

  3. Marla Taviano

    I’m laughing at the Franc line (keck!) floating aimlessly in your brain.

    Glad Carrie could give you some peace.

  4. Angela

    YES! That’s it! “Keck” from Franck in “Father of the Bride.” LOL! I knew I kept hearing it in several sentences, but I just couldn’t pin it down!

    I think this is what happens when you have many decades of “stuff” floating around in your brain. 🙂

    Thanks, Carrie! Now . . . would you like some keck? ROFLOL!


  5. Angela

    P.S. I just got an email from a very nice lady who said they are filming a scene for THE NOTE at a Tim Hortons! (Seriously!)

    Life is just being terribly funny tonight . . . .


  6. Rachel Hauck

    I love cake, Angie, but I think the word is hilarious.


    Cake, cake, cake, cake.

    Say it over and over. It’s funny.

    It’s like when Hobbs told Calvin Quark was a funny word. Quark, Quark, Quark.

    Fun post.

    Rachel 🙂

  7. jan

    now what really would have been fun…if the filming crew from “the note” was there when you got your carrot cake! what a happy surprise that would have been for you!

  8. Kay

    I’m so glad Carrie had the answer to that because as soon as I read what you said, it started driving me nuts. Well, more nuts.

    I like cake ok. It has to be really, really good. Pinapple-upside-down is my favorite. But pie. OHHHHH, PIE!! That I could blog about.

    Oh, and I think I could make a cake like the one in the picture. In fact most of my layer cakes do look something like that. Someone else would have to frost it though!

  9. Susan

    Speaking of pineapple cake, Angie, the “pineapple right-side-up cake” made me laugh out loud. That is so exactly something I would do.

    Accidentally G-Mailing Poetic Susan

  10. <b>Claire Colvin</b>

    I think you should definitely request pie for your next birthday. Aren’t you the one being celebrated after all?

    A good friend of mine went as far as having Wedding Pie. As she explained, gently, but firmly, to her Mother she really didn’t care for cake and on her wedding day, of all days, she, the bride, should get to choose. So she had pies — wonderfully decent, deep, delicious and beautifully displayed pies. With flowers arranged on the pie table. And as she discovered, the cutting of the pie is just as perfect a photo-op as its cake cousin.

    Let them eat pie!

  11. <b>Claire Colvin</b>

    I knew I should have read that through….it should read “wonderfully DECADENT pies”. (Although I’m sure that they were also decent, as all good pies are 🙂


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