MANY years ago, I was introduced to Tanzel Rousey by my friend Lisa Samson. First, we marveled over her name–it’s so unique and so is she. Then I discovered that Tanzel was a church secretary in Macon Georgia, with a flair for humor and a dash of outlandishness. She’s “out there,” but only in the nicest way! (You have to ask her about the typos she has personally put in church bulletins.)

Tanzel fell in love with the Heavenly Daze books, and Lori and I had established a yahoo group for readers of that series. (You can join, too, if you haven’t already. Just send an email to ). Soon after the yahoo group’s formation, I asked Tanzel if she’d be “moderator” for the group–a leadership role she accepted and has maintained with great style and diligence for about six years.

Now Tanzel’s getting ready to retire from her secretarial job, and she’s written and published a book! Knowing her, it’s going to be wonderful. You can read all about her book at . Best of all, you can download a copy of her book and begin reading it TODAY!

I love Tanzel and I know you will, too. And no, she didn’t ask me to post this. My testimonials are completely unsolicited. 🙂



  1. Accidental Poet

    I couldn’t get the link to work, which I suppose is just as well, (is that really an expression? and why?) because I’m supposed to writing, not reading, right?

  2. Angela

    I think the link is working now . . . hope so! I should be writing, too!



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