This car reminds me of my daughter’s tattoo. 🙂

Okay, back to the BOM: results and reader reaction to THE TRUTH TELLER have generally been good. I had the book vetted by a doctor and a lawyer before I submitted it, just to be sure I had my procedures right.

The book won a couple of awards and was *this* close to being optioned for film, but nothing came of it.

Here are a couple of representative Amazon reviews:

I began THE TRUTH TELLER at nine o’clock at night, figuring I’d spend an enjoyable hour reading, then call it a night. Two pages into this story, that plan went out the window. At midnight, my husband came downstairs rubbing his eyes. “Are you coming to bed?” I shook my head, eyes glued to THE TRUTH TELLER. “Not anytime soon, honey!” Finally at two in the morning I finished the book, having moved not one muscle in five hours (except for gripping the pages during several tense moments!). As a big fan of Angela Hunt’s writing, I can assure you, this is her best novel yet. Stunningly crafted, THE TRUTH TELLER presents characters worth caring about and a story I couldn’t put down…literally! I loved it.

(Bless you, anonymous reader!)

But then again, there’s always the other side of the coin:

I can not understand the hype behind this book. I read a lot, I mean a lot. This was the first that I’ve read by Angela Hunt and probably the last. She took the first three hundred pages just to develop the theme. This “page turning thriller” then bogs down into a completely lame court room bore for the final 100 pages. It left me wondering if she has ever even been to court for a traffic ticket. The character development was fair at best and the plot was overly predictable – except for when it bordered on the unfeasible and ridiculous. I don’t look to shoot holes through the books that I’m reading but this one is filled with them. There are dozens of Christian authors light years beyond her story telling capability. Unless you’re already a fan of hers, save your time.

(Bless you, Ms. Johnson, for doing your part to keep me humble.)

Okay–tomorrow is question and answer time. If you have any of either, please leave them in the comments! Thanks!


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  1. Pam Meyers

    Hi Angie!
    Pam here, from Nangie 303 at CCWC last May.

    My question isn’t about the book per se, but how do you handle critics like that one you posted. I know such negative reviews are sure to come for anyone, but it’s so easy to let one bad apple wipe out all the good reviews.



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