My friend Athol recommended Sweet Land, which I Netflixed without knowing the least little thing about the plot . . . wow. What a charming movie about the power of friendship and love. Understated and powerful!

I loved it. Made me want to move to Minnesota . . . but I’m sure it’s no coincidence that there were no WINTER scenes! 🙂

So if you’re looking for a sweet movie for the family, you’ve got to check out SweetLand.



  1. Susan

    Angie I read this last night just before I went to sleep, and then I dreamt that you and I were driving around Calgary and I was pointing out that one of the lovely things about living here is how every so often, when you’re facing west, there will be a lovely vista of mountain ranges.

    You took a look, sniffed and said “But they are covered in SNOW.”


  2. Angela

    LOL! You gotta lay off those spicy foods before bed, Susan. But yes, my dream self spoke like a true Floridian! 🙂


  3. Kay

    Well, at least I am not the only one you haunt in dreams! LOL

    BTW, my 11 year old daughter, (well, she’ll be 12 next month) is reading her first Angela Hunt book!

  4. CrownLaidDown

    Minnesota? Hmmm…I will have to watch and see!

    I just got “The Elevator” and am about to go read it…very exciting day in my little corner of the world–it’s overcast here in Colorado today, so it’s just perfect!

    In His Joy,


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