While I’m still getting caught up at home, here’s a little fun for Friday the 13th:

Ever wonder what would happen if you decided to microwave your jello? Your chocolate eclair? Your son’s football?

Take a peek at this web site–but do not try any of this at home!




  1. Patti Goldbach

    I became addicted immediately. Loved the one about the eggs. A few months ago a friend of ours put some eggs on to boil and went upstairs to get his phone to call my husband. Instead of going back downstairs he continued to talk upstairs. All of a sudden my husband heard some popping sounds in the backgroud and our friend said “Oops, gotta go, my eggs just exploded.” I have to tell him next time try them in the microwave – at least the mess will be contained to one small area instead of the stove, wall, and ceiling.

    Love the pics the other day. Pam and her husband are really good friends and we had a nice time with them at the wedding where she had done all the decorations.

    Have a great day.

  2. Kay

    I spent WAY too much time watching that! The christmas lights and ketchup packets are the most intriguing.

  3. Anonymous

    I’m terribly conflicted as to the wisdom in forwarding this site to my grandchildren!!! Agree with Kay about the Christmas lights and ketchup packets! Where do you find these sites? When do you have the time? How will you fit this into your funeral home series? Clyde

  4. Angela

    LOL! I’m not sure this site will fit into ANY book, but it sure is fun. And while I saw the Christmas lights, I forgot to check out the catsup packets. Better do that now!



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