No, I’m NOT referring to myself, but to my rescue mastiff. Until today, she had seemed a little wary of the pool, but tonight hubby, son, and I jumped in, and after a few minutes, here came Babe! At 220 pounds, she floats! She swam a lap and climbed out, apparently content to know that she saw and conquered!

Wanted to mention two movies to you–the first hubby and I watched last night, and it was a delight–fun for the entire family. It’s NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM, and it was even better than I thought it’d be. Very cute and even heart-warming.

This second film is for the grownups–THE PAINTED VEIL, based on the novel by Somerset Maugham. It started out like one of those British period pieces–well, it IS a period piece–but ended up being a film about what love really is and the power of forgiveness. It’s one of those rare movies that left me thinking about it long after the film had finished.

So–two movies for you to Netflix, if you so desire!

Have a lovely weekend!



  1. jan

    i am so glad to read your review of “a night at the museum.” I like to hear from others before renting a movie. i can now rent it with confidence. thanks!

  2. Christina Berry

    I’ve got to put a little plug in for a movie I’ve recently discovered: Little Manhattan.

    Our whole family (6-60) laughed. A lot. It’s about a ten-year old boy thinking he’s falling in love. Captures the pre-teen angst beautifully and though you may think you know where the movie’s headed, it pleasantly surprised me. Provided great “talking points” for our family, too.

  3. Kay

    We like Night at the Museum, too. My son just got it for his birthday.
    I love those little guys!

    I haven’t seen the new Painted Veil, but recently saw the original with Marlene Deitrich on AMC. It was very good. I am looking forward to seeing the new one.

  4. Nicole

    “Night at the Museum” was indeed funny–and I’m more of a “drama queen” mostly because I’m very suspect of modern comedy. This was refreshing. Our family of adults enjoyed it.

  5. Ernie W.

    Night at the Museum was a great flick. Very funny. AS for the dog in the water, my Sharpei runs and cowers every time I take out the hose to wash the car. Not sure how he can brave the water bowl, but he can schlurp the H20 like a vacuum.

  6. Anonymous

    Enjoyed “Night at the Museum” with my kids a few weeks ago; also loved “Little Manhattan”. Your recommendations have always been good , Angie, so I just added “Painted Veil” to my looooooooong list at Netflix. “Scarlet and the Black” and “Last Sin Eater” were also excellent. Keep those reviews coming! Clyde

  7. Pam in Colorado

    Our whole family enjoyed this movie. With two teens and two little girls we usually juggle who is watching what and if there is anything appropriate in interest and content for us all. This was a winner.


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