I’ve just learned that two of my novels have won awards in Foreword Magazine’s “Book of the Year” contest.

THE NOVELIST won gold in the religious fiction category and MAGADALENE took the silver position in the (general market) historical fiction category. I am always thrilled to place in this contest because it’s judged by a jury of judges consisting of editors and reviewers of ForeWord Magazine, booksellers, librarians, and other industry professionals. It is not a Christian organization by any means, and I just love having our fiction right out there along with everything else the world has to offer.

One of the nicest things about our recent vacation was its decidedly English flavor. Though it was a Princess cruise ship, I’d estimate that 85 percent of the people on board were from England. So I slipped into my fake English accent (which varies wildly from moment to moment), sipped tea, and read the London Times. There I picked up this tidbit: Twitterlit.com will email restless readers the first line of a novel every 12 hours. (www.twitterlit.com).

Do you know how important the first line is? Terribly. I usually spend more time on the first sentence than on the first chapter. In any case, check it out and see what you think.




  1. Kay

    Hooray for you! And Hooray for Christian Lit!
    Great big congratulations, Angie

  2. Megan DiMaria

    Congratulations, Angie. How wonderful! I loved both those books.

    A prisoner of hope,

  3. jan

    congratulations! you deserve it!

  4. jan

    and, by the way, if it were up to me, all of your books would receive awards! i have loved them all! and your statement about “expect the unexpected”, well that is so true. which is yet another reason i love your books! there are certainly not predictable! can’t wait to read “the elevator.!”

  5. Accidental Poet

    Well-deserved award, Angie. Three rousing cheers for the gift and the Giver.


  6. Anonymous

    The heartiest of congratulations, Angie. So very well deserved and in honor of two excellent books. May you continue to grow in your abilities and your love of the Lord. Some of us depend mightily on your keen insights into what life has to offer.

    I am also delighted with your husband’s honor within your parish. I never did understand why some churches find it necessary to keep their people moving around. Isn’t it a premise of the popular “Good to Great” to excel in your own particular niche? What a treasure that you two have found and can excel in your individual niches!



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