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It’s been gratifying to see THE DEBT touch other lives in the same way it touched mine. When the Lord sent the idea, I knew it was one of those heaven-sent stories that would be different . . . and I hope and pray He’ll continue to use it through the years.

Here are a few sample responses from various sources:

This novel should be required reading for all Christians, especially for people who have been in the faith for many years and may have forgotten that we are called to reach out to those who don’t know Christ. Let’s not stay insulated in our safe sanctuaries. Let’s get out and minister to a hurting culture.--Amazon review

I don’t like sappy books, but since this was written by Angela Hunt, I thought I’d give it a whirl. I was not disappointed. Ms. Hunt can write about anything, and I’d read it. She’s a wonderful story-teller, and her tales touch the heart without being overly sentimental. One of my favourite authors. –Amazon [God bless her. I don’t like sappy books, either.]

I have never read a book by angela hunt but I saw it on my mom’s shelf and thought “this should be a quick easy read that will amuse me at least a little” boy, was I wrong. While it is a very easy read, and it is typical Christian generic drama, I enjoyed the contrast of the main characters life and her son. It was that dichotomy of Christianity that really got me thinking about my own 17 year walk with the Lord. It’s not so much the THOU SHALT NOTS, but what are you really doing for God. Needless to say because of this book me and a few other friends now hold each other accountable to befriend the untouchables, hurt, and slums of life… and all because of this little novel. –Amazon review

Interesting, I think, that it’s the content of the book, not the writing, that is changing people’s lives . . . and the content came from the Lord.

Have you read THE DEBT? Did it change your perspective in any way?

Tomorrow: your questions, my attempted answers (so if you have a question, please leave it in the comments!)



  1. BJ

    Still my favorite, out of everything you’ve written.


  2. Suzanne

    My favorite too. It changed my thinking and made me a little more understanding with people who are unsaved.

    I agree, every Christian should read this book. I have my own personal crusade in my little world, I loan this book to everyone I can get to read it.

    OH! And LOVED the Mandisa book. I devoured it in one afternoon. Thanks again!

  3. Karen

    My favorite line is when Chris says, “I’ve learned not to be surprised when sinners sin.” I think understanding that – and loving anyway, as God does – brings about true servanthood. I’m trying to live that way.


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