All The Tea In China, A Regency Romance by Jane Orcutt

Update on the home front:

Friday night, my hubby was honored for twenty years of service to our church. Along with the high school youth pastor, my hubby (the middle school youth pastor), has been serving the same church since 1987. We spent the evening in the company of many friends and former young people, now grown up with families of their own.

It was a special night, and as I stood with my husband and listened to our pastor thank us for twenty years of service, I was grateful for 1) a husband who doesn’t see youth ministry as a career path, but as a calling and 2) a pastor who will allow a man to remain in one place for twenty years. We raised our children in this church, and it has become “home” to us. It was a lovely evening, and one in which I counted my blessings all over again.

Some of you may remember me asking for prayer for my friend Jane, who suffered from leukemia and went to heaven only a few weeks ago. As we mourned her loss, several of her writing friends pooled their resources and talked to the indomitable Kelli Standish of Pulse Point Design. Kelli has generously given of her time and effort to create a lovely web site for Jane, and you can find it at There you can read all about Jane’s novels and even listen to a recording by her latest protagonist from ALL THE TEA IN CHINA. I had the honor of reading this book for endorsement, and it’s a lot of fun.

So please–check out Jane’s lovely new web site and order a copy of ALL THE TEA IN CHINA from your favorite bookstore. You’ll love it!



  1. terri gillespie

    What a lovely tribute to your husband and friend, Angie.

  2. Nicole

    It takes a very special man to be called to minister to youth and then to remain with them. Halleluja. Not to mention the very special helpmate who encourages and nourishes his calling. I’m blessed that you were honored by your ministry to the sometimes “unlovable” teens.

    They need someone to lead and teach and love them throught the angst and pain and even confusion of those years. Thank you.


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