Okay, the above video is just too hilarious–made me laugh out loud. And it’s further proof that animals have emotions. Can’t you just FEEL the fun this little guy is having?

If this is Saturday, I’m in England on a cruise ship and ready to head out for an honest-to-goodness vacation. (Though, I confess, I will be researching a couple of locations and trying to get some overdue reading in as well.) So please forgive me if my blogging is irregular for the coming week . . . I might have internet access, and I might not. But, Lord willing, I’ll be back and ready to launch the next BOM soon.)



  1. Suzanne

    Wow, have an amazing time and take lots of pictures to share!

  2. jan

    enjoy your vacation! can’t wait to hear all about it! have a great time!

  3. Richard Mabry

    Have a wonderful vacation…er, I mean, a wonderful, at-least-partially-tax-deductible trip to explore some background material.


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