Yesterday I went to run errands on my usual errand-running day. Went to Target, PetSmart, Marshalls, T.J. Maxx (and there you have ’em–my favorite stores!)
Found bumper-to-bumper traffic at every place. The aisles were so crowded we could barely move in the stores, and once I had to stop and direct traffic around the shoe aisles at Marshalls.
Clearly, Christmas shopping has begun. Obviously, I will find another day to run errands.

I usually take Saturdays as my sabbath and I do no ordinary work on that day. I’m thinking from now until January 2007, I’m going to start taking Fridays instead. Maybe even Thursdays.

It’s not that I don’t like people or Christmas, but I don’t like crowds. I’m a fast-paced browser who counts burning many calories as one of the health benefits of shopping. I walk fast, I shop fast, I can pull out that charge card like Marshall Dillion handling a six shooter. But Christmas crowds are not my favorite thing.
As I left Winn Dixie yesterday, the woman at the Salvation Army kettle called out “Merry Christmas.” I answered in the same way, but I was thinking, Please let’s just get through Thanksgiving first, okay?
Four weeks of Christmas rush is enough. Why must we extend it to six?
I have a feeling I already know the answer.


  1. Hope Wilbanks

    I totally agree with you, Angela. It’s insane what these stores are doing to Christmas. Whatever happened to Thanksgiving anyways? 😉

  2. Lynda Pongracz

    Hey Angie, I can relate! I love to shop, but around this time of year and for the next several weeks, I lose all desire because of the crowds. I have a friend who thrives on the challenge of shopping in Nov/Dec. She calls it “Rambo shopping”! As for me, I say, Praise God for online shopping!

    Our culture sure does love to rush into Christmas, totally neglecting Thanksgiving. Just not politically correct to talk about being thankful to God or bringing up the dreaded debate about “bigoted pilgrims”!

    *sigh* This time of year, I want to go live in a Norman Rockwell painting!

  3. Pam Meyers

    I totally agree. Check out my blog “Whatever Happened to Thanksgiving?” You and I were of the same thought yesterday. It’s become insane.

    BTW, I’m reading The Awakening and enjoying it. Got it after you blogged about it a couple weeks ago!



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