Questions and Answers:
Betsy asked: I think the parable of the Lost Sheep is everybody at some point in their life. When you write you parable stories do you find yourself in awe of everything?
I find myself in awe of everything almost every day! I love looking for metaphors and analogies–in fact, I see them everywhere. That’s why parables come naturally to me, and I love using them . . . primarily because Jesus used them. They are such great teaching tools.
Regina asked: I would like to know if you have a page where I can get a list of all the books and series in order? That would be very helpful.
If you go to my web page and click on the link that says “browse books,” you’ll see all my titles grouped into categories. From there it’s simply a matter of selecting contemporary or historical, etc., and all the books are there, lined up in order from most recent to oldest. Happy browsing!
I think that’s it. My neighborhood book club has just left my house (the gals met BABE tonight–and I’m happy to say that Babe loved all of them. Before I brought Babe in, though, I passed out drool rags to each woman.)
Thanks once again for coming along with me for another book of the month. Next month: the Nativity Story!
And news flash — looks like I’m going to be able to attend the premier in Los Angeles! How cool is that? I keep pinching myself . . .


  1. Suzanne Schaffer

    Wow! How fun! Hope you can find a perfect premier-type dress! Take lots of pictures….

  2. Carrie K.

    Oooo – any chance you could live-blog it?

  3. Anonymous

    Wow, Angie, a premier! That’s like so “hollywood”! Will you still talk to us regular people after this? Or will your people have to contact our people…??


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