Well, life is just too funny around here these days. Babe and Charley are trying to figure out who’s doing to be beta dog (since Mom is alpha). The top dog usually is always the first dog through the door, you know. So, yesterday I had the dogs outside and opened the door for them to come in. Babe is usually the first through the door, but Charley saw his chance for supremacy and took it. Babe, desperate to hold her place, raced through the door, slipped on the tile floor, and crashed into a table and chairs.

She wasn’t hurt . . . well, maybe her pride.

Since yesterday was our first official work day, they’re vying for spots in my office, too. Charley usually sits right behind me, facing the door (protector of the realm, you know). But Babe wanted that spot, so Charley moved into the actual doorway. For some reason Babe thought that was too close, so she wandered off. After a few minutes, I found her in my bedroom, where she had discovered a perfect Babe-sized settee.

This is sooo funny to me because Charley NEVER gets on the furniture unless there’s a beloved human in it, in which case he will try to get into the human’s lap. But look at Babe. Is she queenly or what?

BTW, if you are interested in historical fiction, I’m talking about it over on PASTtimes: http://www.favoritepastimes.blogspot.com/ . Stop by and say hello!



  1. Ruth

    Oh, I love that picture! Babe’s a beaut! 🙂
    I wanted to tell you, I saw the preview for THE NATIVITY STORY for the first time Friday night and was completely blown away. It looks wonderful — I can’t wait to see the film and read your book!


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